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All prices shown are per pound. Prices have increased due to increased processing costs. All prices are subject to change.

Porterhouse:  ($19.99)
Full ¾” thick cut, bone in, Approx 12-16 oz

Ribeye Steaks-Bone in:  ($18.99)
Full ¾” thick cut, Approx 12-16+ oz

Ribeye Steaks-Boneless:  ($19.99)
Full ¾” thick cut, Approx 12-16+ oz

T Bone Steaks: ($17.99)  
Full ¾” thick cut, bone in, Approx 12-16+ oz

Sirloin Steaks:  ($11.99)
Full ¾” thick cut, bone in, Approx 16 oz

Chuck-eye Steaks: ($9.99)
¾” and thicker cut, bone in, Approx 16-24 oz

Flank Steak : (13.99)   

Approx 2-3lb+ each


Skirt Steak: ($14.99)
1-2 lb each

Cubed Steak: ($7.99)
Approx 1 lb pack 

Sirloin Tip Roast: ($9.99) 

2-3+ lb each

Chuck Roast: ($8.99) 
2-3+ lb each

Rump Roast: ($7.49) 
2-3+ lb each

Brisket Roast: ($8.99)
cut in half (Flat and Point)

 Ox Tail: (4.59/lb)

Heart: (3.99/lb) Packaged whole



Stew Meat: ($7.99) 
Approx 1 lb Pack

Beef Kabobs ($8.99)  SOLD OUT
Approx 2 lb Pack

Short Ribs: ($5.49)
2 per package, 2 large ribs

Soup Bone: ($2.99)   
3-4 lb each

Ground Beef Patties:  ($6.39)
3 per 1 lb pack

Ground Beef Bulk: ($5.89)  
Approx 1 lb pack

Liver: ($3.99)
Approx  1 lb pack

Tongue: ($7.99)
Packaged Whole


Chicken from Maddy Mae Farms

All prices shown are per pound

Backs:  for Broth ($1.99/lb)  
6+/Pkg, 3+lb per Pkg

Breast: ($6.99lb)  2/Pk
Boneless Skinless

Drumsticks:  ($3.99/lb) 4/Pk

4 per pack

Thighs: ($4.99/lb) 
Bone-in, 4 per pack 

Wings:  ($4.99/lb)  SOLD OUT
Approx 2.5+per pack 

Whole: ($4.00 )  SOLD OUT
Approx 4lb each




Currently out of all Pork. Returning April 2021! All prices shown are per pound

Bacon:  ($8.00) SOLD OUT
Approx 1 lb pack

Boneless Pork Loin: ($7.00) SOLD OUT
8 lb average

Brats:  ($7.00) SOLD OUT
Fresh, Sweet Italian or Jalapeno Cheddar

Sausage links: ($7.00) SOLD OUT
Approx 1.4 lb, 6 per pack typical

Bulk Sausage: ($6.00) SOLD OUT
Approx 1 lb per pack

Ham Hocks: ($3.00) SOLD OUT
2 lb average

Ham Roast:  ($6.00) SOLD OUT
3-11 lbs, choice of size

Ham Slices: ($6.00) SOLD OUT
Smoked, 2 per pack

Pork Chops: ($7.00 ) SOLD OUT
1″ Thick, 2 per pack, Bone In

Pork Tenderloin: ($8.00 ) SOLD OUT
2 per pack, Approx 1.5 lb each

Sausage Patties: ($7.00 ) SOLD OUT
1 lb pack of 4 patties

Shoulder Roast: ($6.00) SOLD OUT
Approx 3+ lbs

Shoulder Steak: ($6.00) SOLD OUT

Spare Ribs: ($7.00 ) SOLD OUT
Approx 3lb pack

Western Style Ribs: ($6.00) SOLD OUT
Approx 5lb pack

Lard: ($7.00) SOLD OUT
2 lb per container


Amish Maple Syrup

Tapped and bottled in Millersburg Ohio

8 oz.       $7

16  oz.     $10

32   oz.    $16

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 Thank you for supporting our farm through your purchase. We are always happy to answer questions about our farm and how we raise our animals so don’t hesitate to reach out! 

DELIVERY: We currently deliver to the greater Columbus and Dayton metropolitan areas. We will contact you to set up a delivery time.  Amish Maple syrup coming soon.


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