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From our Pasture to your Plate

Welcome to our farm!

As you look around feel free to explore…learn who we are and why we not only care so carefully for our cattle but also for the pastures they graze upon.  There’s much more to it than what you see as you drive by a farm such as ours.  We want to educate you about what goes into raising healthy beef which ends up as that succulent tender cut on your plate.

Rotational Grazing

At BLUE STAR FARMS we practice what is called intense rotational grazing. What that means is the cattle are confined into smaller areas of the pasture and eat the grasses and legumes available there. Since cattle tend to eat what’s right in front of them and prefer the leafy parts of the growth they will focus on eating these first.  If they are forced to remain in this smaller area they will also begin to eat the stems of the growth thus inhibiting the regrowth of the plants.  

We monitor the pastures every day and when the cattle have eaten the preferred parts, we rotate them to another section. This accomplishes two goals: 1) The cattle are eating only the most nutritious part of the plants and 2) It is easier for the plants to recover and regrow back by the time the cattle are rotated back onto the section. Thus, the cattle eat healthy and the pastures remain healthy. Our pastures are sectioned off so that the cattle rotate through the entire pasture in about 30 days.


End result…healthy pastures and healthy cattle.