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There’s a saying in the IT industry….”Garbage in….Garbage out…”  And that can also apply to other industries as well, including ours.  When we overindulge in junk food our overall health and well being suffer; on the other hand, when we eat healthy foods, we tend to feel better and our overall health reflects that.

Likewise our animals enjoy (or suffer from) the similar eating habits as we do. When they eat healthy food they enjoy excellent health and they grow to be what the one advertisement states…”Happy Cows”.

So…You ask….Where am I going with all of this?

The point is this: Our health is dependent on eating healthy food…our cows health is dependent on eating healthy forage grasses along with clover (which they love) and some alfalfa.  Those plants, in turn, depend on healthy soils in which to thrive and grow.  It all goes back to Mother Earth…

When people ask what we, at BLUE STAR FARMS,  grow, we tell them we grow the best pasture for the animals that eat it…And that means we also care for the soils that feed that pasture.  We’re not soil experts, so we utilize a nationally recognized expert to advise us on our soils and forage grasses. He visits our farms, reviews our soils testings and makes his recommendations.  In short…healthy soils… healthy forage …healthy beef…healthy us.

Our mission statement; “To provide the best beef for the best value for the money”  We don’t try to grow on the cheap…after all…”The man who buys on the cheap gets exactly what he paid for”…We grow and sell to provide the best. That doesn’t mean that we don’t watch costs…we do…but we do not compromise on quality.  We strive to provide the best value not the cheapest price.

We are certified in the Beef Quality Assurance program and also practice Best Management Practices, both of which are nationally recognized programs that require practices that are humane and healthy for the animals. We do not use preventative antibiotics nor do we use any growth stimulants. We are NOT organic…not to say that is good or bad, but only to inform you.

Our beef is processed at a USDA inspected facility. The inspectors give us, and you, further assurance that best practices are utilized and the processing is carried out in a humane and sanitary means. The beef is vacuum sealed, labeled and then frozen and kept in -20 degree freezers.

I know this has been lengthy but we want our customers to be educated about what it means to eat healthy, and what that entails. I will be posting more articles about our farm and our practices in future postings.